Dear Friends,

It has been a few days since we lost our dear friend Paul Dewar. The loss has affected all of us, and indeed our entire community, greatly.

Paul was a dedicated, passionate, compassionate, and driven person who believed that young people have the power to change the world. His belief that youth are our greatest natural resource was evident in all that he did, including his final act of change-making, his founding of Youth Action Now.

The people behind the scenes at Youth Action Now are here because of Paul’s faith in youth action. All of us have been inspired by Paul, and his belief in us as young people, to continue the work of making our world a better and more just place for all of us.

It is with great honour and privilege that we follow in Paul’s footsteps as changemakers. His legacy will live on in the work that we do – made possible through Youth Action Now, its supporters, its volunteers, and its community.

Paul said that his cancer was a gift, and he meant it. But he gave us a gift too – honesty, love, faith, trust, and the belief that no matter how small we feel, our voices and our actions are bigger than we can ever imagine. Many of us found our voices after meeting and working with Paul. We pledge to pay this forward, in his stead – helping other young people find their voices, believe in their strength, and unleash their power.

With all of our love, with all of our strength, with all of our voices – we love you Paul.


Rest in power,

Youth Action Now.