Youth Action Now acknowledges that we are on the unceded and unsurrendered territory of the Algonquin Nation and Anishinaabe People. We also acknowledge that colonialism is an ongoing process and we are mindful of our obligation to make efforts to promote justice, respect and reconciliation. Youth Action Now would like to express continued solidarity with all Indigenous peoples in Ottawa and beyond.


Young people are using their power to make positive change in their communities and build a better world for all.


To support young people’s grassroots action and collective leadership with funding, resources, knowledge and mentorship to help create a world that is fair, inclusive and sustainable.


We are:

1. Youth-led

We listen to young people and act on what they say, supporting them to achieve their goals.

2. Grassroots

We believe change within a community cannot come from outside. Young people know what they and their communities need.

3. Collective

We believe action is most effective when it’s collaborative. We see power in recognizing and strengthening groups – rather than individuals alone –  so we bring young people together to experience the power of the collective.

4. Inclusive

We come from a range of backgrounds and beliefs, orientations and identities, and share a commitment to justice, equity and equality. The participation and collaboration of all of us are key to ensuring our actions work for everyone.  

5. Nurturing

As we work to build a sustainable future for our planet, we also strive to sustain our energies, support emerging groups and strengthen movements by caring for ourselves and each other.