Youth Action Now

Promoting young people’s participation and unleashing their power by strengthening grassroots action and collective leadership.

What do we do?

We bring together young people from diverse backgrounds to support their collective leadership and increase their impact in making positive change within their communities.

We work with young leaders to hone their skills, deepen their insight, expand their networks and build their confidence so they can model responsive, resilient leadership.

We are inspired by examples of young people providing courageous leadership in tackling important issues of justice, equality, identity and environmental responsibility and we are excited to support them and their initiatives, enabling and enhancing their success.

How do we do that?

We believe the power of grassroots action is strengthened through sharing experiences and building relationships.

So we bring together young change agents to share their responses to challenges they face. This exchange of realities, perspectives and lessons learned grounds plans of action as they work to realize their goals, and builds an ever-broader commitment to solidarity.


"A better world is possible

and I believe in the power of young change leaders to get us there. I want to do my part in unleashing that power."

— Paul Dewar


Methods of engagement:

  • Youth Connection Conference: Young Leaders will have the opportunity to put their challenges and responses in a broader context, share lessons learned and explore ways they may be able to assist each other.
  • Youth Empowerment /Action Forums: In smaller groups youth will have the opportunity to build skills and confidence, share tips on strategies and tactics, and further develop plans of action. . Support will be provided through education, resources and funding. Experiences will be shared by others who have initiated change.
  • Youth Leadership Internships: Internships will provide opportunities to further enhance skills, gain experience, build networks and advance change goals.