Kesha Mu 

Kesha’s background is in community development, support and youth empowerment and she’s passionate about the way in which these converge in the field of social work. Kesha is a recent graduate of the social work program at Algonquin College and will continue her education at Carleton University for a bachelor in social work.

Kesha supports YAN because. “Ottawa has amazing youth who are creative, brilliant and impactful who need a platform to be vocal about the aspiration they hope for the Ottawa community.”

Ally Freedman 

Ally is a sixth-generation young Métis woman with roots in Northern Saskatchewan/Manitoba. She also has Italian and Jewish heritage. She has a BA Honours in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Native Studies at the University of Manitoba.

Ally joined YAN because she is passionate about increasing the representation of marginalized and Indigenous youth in civic engagement in Ottawa.

Barâa Arar

Barâa is a storyteller. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities from Carleton University, where she studied history and visual culture, with a specialization in women in Algeria. Barâa is a community organizer, writer, and the co-host of The Watering Hole podcast, a bi- weekly podcast about youth, art, and culture.

Barâa is excited about YAN because, “the organization aims to align with my personal values – we meet young people where they are and support their hopes and projects. It is grassroots and co-created. This is the true meaning of community action.”

Jordan Sneyd-Dewar

Coming soon…

Chris Osler

Chris has worked in various capacities with non-profits and NGOs for more than 30 years. He completed an undergraduate degree in International Development and then an MEd. in Critical Pedagogy and Cultural Studies before shifting from International work to Community Development here in Ottawa. For the past 2 decades, Chris has been working with the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre and currently acts as the Team Leader for the Community Development and Engagement team. Active in anti-oppression and health equity work, Chris is involved in a variety of initiatives locally in Ottawa.

About 15 years ago, he met Paul while serving on the Board of the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization. His work in Old Ottawa East also overlapped with initiatives that Julia was leading. Chris is excited and inspired by the promise of Youth Action Now and is a supportive volunteer.